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Where there is love, there is life- Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Roy A. Ngansop the famous personality has rightly quoted “Valentine's Day is just another day to truly love like there is no tomorrow” Here comes the month of LOVE and love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is regarded as an international festival that celebrates the mutual feeling of love. It actually marks the death anniversary of one of the Christian legends, Saint Valentine and is celebrated each year on the 14th of February as Valentine’s Day.

But people across the globe from different walks of life definitely have different opinions about celebrating this day. It varies from having fancy dinners with your loved ones, buying bouquets of flowers, gifting boxes of scrumptious chocolates, watching movies and what not, having a strong belief in the famous saying by Eleanor Roosevelt- "The giving of love is an education in itself."

Here is my self- composed poem on this occasion of love- Valentines Day-

Roses are red, violets are blue.

My love for you is always true.

This Valentine poem is for you, my sweetheart.

Just to prove that my love will never depart.

But this day is special for one and all.,

Whom we love and will never let them fall.

With each passing year our love for them continues to grow.

And we never want them ever to feel low.

Make every member of your family be your Valentine.

Prove them that your love for them will never decline.

Show special gestures in many different ways,

Shower them your love and offer words full of praise.

Valentines’ day is the day to make special connections.

It is the day to celebrate and show your gratitude by showing affection.

Try to arrange something that is full of special pleasure.

And make them feel that they are one of the sparkling treasures.

So, all my dear family and friends who are mine

I appreciate you so much and you are my Valentine!!!!!!

So, my dear family and friends, let’s celebrate this day expressing love and doing special things that would make someone feel that they are loved. It’s all about spreading true feelings of love and believe that “Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.” Express your love for our parents, for our family members, and for our friends and closed ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day One and all !!!!!

Best Regards

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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