Radio Karishma LIVE


Daily Scheduler (Monday thru Friday)

6 am - 8 am   --   Suprabhat ( Bhajans)


8 am -11 am  --    Drive time with Karishma  features;

8.10 am         --     Fitness I M Possible with Jenifer Joseph

9 am              --     Hindi Samachar 

9.45am-10am --    70 ka sawan


11 am- 12 pm  --    Hearty 80s

12 pm-1 pm    -- Down Memory lane 

1 pm-  2 pm   --  Non film music hour

2pm-   4pm   --   Ek Kalakar

4pm -- 7pm  --   Drive time with Karishma 

7pm -- 8pm --    Swar Sandhya ( Hindustani classical music )

8pm--10 pm --   Dil ki nazar se ( with RJ Susheel Gajwani)

10pm- 11pm --   Retro Rewind ( songs from 50s-60s)

11pm- 12am --   Aahista aahista ( With RJ Sanam)


12 am - 6am --- Repeat of days shows 

The Rising Star

MÜNE aka 'Pranay Sharma' born in June 1994 is a 24 years old independent music producer/writer based in Indore, India. Educated at MSHOM , where he obtained his bachelor's degree in hotel management. He started producing music back in 2016 inspired by eminent artists like Ed Sheeran, Avicii & kygo by carrying his own unique style & sounds.


Music Producer/Writer MÜNE has shown promise of a musician of extraordinary talent who has a bright future . This producer has successfully etched out a place for his unique musical expression, the young artist’s music created a significant buzz with critics and music lovers alike. with reviews like “MÜNE’s chill style of production along & smooth vocal chops, which set the tone of his every song, make perfect for rainy nights inside with hot chocolate.”

In 2018, MÜNE signed a distribution deal with American record label Lowly Palace. MÜNE's newest release “Story of us”, presents the artist in a whole new light, highlighting his talent for composition as well as his ability to merge different sounds into one complete

MÜNE's style is fluid and ever-evolving. His musical roots run deeply into pop, chill and electronic, with a clear grounding in electronic music. MÜNE is often likened to electronic producers such as Odesza, Petit Biscuit, Kasbo, Shallou and San Holo .