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Here comes the most awaited time of the year- SUMMER and the summer is beckoning vacations that people of all ages long for desperately. Summer break is the time to rejuvenate ourselves and time to recharge our bodies and feel fresh. Time to spend quality time with our loved ones and this can be in any form- spending time at home enjoying with family, working in the backyard, going on hike, strolling in parks, or going on vacation to a beautiful scenic place. But the purpose for this vacation is to enjoy the time-off with your loved ones the way you want. It is not necessary to plan an expensive vacation or try to compete with others about what people are doing. It should be just your personal decision and what is your priority at this time. The goal is to have fun and enjoy every invaluable moment spent together with your near and dear ones.

So, below are some of the travel tips that you would love to read till the end prior to planning and embarking on the road to your vacation.

1. Make wise choices of choosing the right vacation for yourself and your family. Don’t let social pressure influence you to go on a trip.

2. Make mindful decisions about predestination and post destination plans. Enjoy every moment of pre vacation time.

3. Pack your luggage wisely and lightly and be organized in carrying what you need.

4. Try to disconnect from work or business and enjoy every moment admiring the beautiful scenic views surrounding you. Cherish all beautiful memories until the next vacation.

5. Plan to take games and fun entertainment for kids to keep them busy on road trips.

6. Explore all scenic destination spots and follow your planned itinerary.

7. Enjoy scrumptious delicacies of the place you are visiting and try all authentic restaurants around.

8. Book your accommodation near your excursion spots or nearest attractions. This will help in saving a lot of money and plan economically.

9. Don’t forget to buy a souvenir for your house as a memory of the place you are visiting.

And just in case this summer you have no plans to have an expensive vacation out of state or country, don’t stress and try to make the best of your holiday time and enjoy your staycation. Sometimes a staycation can be more relaxing and rejuvenating than vacations. Here are some tips to enjoy a staycation –

1. Make a good choice of the latest books and take time to expand your reading of different genres. Join a book club with your besties and share your views and feedback about the books you read.

2. Broaden your musical horizon and listen to your favorite genres and artists.

3. Play board games and other sports with your dear family members. Take out time for your busy schedule and plan an interesting fun-filled game session.

4. What can be more exciting than hiking and taking a stroll outside with your pet and family members every evening. Appreciate the natural beauty around you and feel fresh.

5. Learn a new hobby or a new language and feel like a new personality.

6. Carry out some family household projects like working in the backyard, repainting, or renovating your room, organizing your kitchen or pantry (like I did LOL!!!) etc.

7. Be Social- try meeting your friends whom you have been wanting to meet.

Therefore, make the most out of your trip and embrace every joy that comes your way with open arms and a fresh mind. So, my dear family and friends, don’t delay too much and put away your working shoes. Get ready to plan your vacation or a simple staycation and I am positive that your mind and body will be so refreshing and rejuvenating. Take Vacations- go to as many places as you can- you can always make money, but you can’t always make memories. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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