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My Father- My Superhero, My Guiding light

Have you ever pondered the importance of the word “FATHER”? Do you think fathers play a pivotal role in our lives? The simple answer to this question is certainly yes- the role of a father is stupendous, and he makes countless differences in every family. Someone has rightly said “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you’ve grown.” Here comes the special day, Father’s Day, that falls on June 18th this year. It is the day to celebrate the fatherhood and all the men folks in our lives. Fathers are the backbone of every family and deserve special recognition on this special day. They are the pillars in the development of every child’s well-being. This is a day to recognize the relentless hard work, struggles and love of all men folk in their children’s life. Father’s love is just like an island that gives shelter to the whole sea.

On this special occasion of Father’s Day, here is my self- composed poem expressing my gratitude and love for my own dad.

Dear Dad, you are my hero.

Who has always taught me never to be a zero.

You are the one who has always been loyal and true.

And always taught me never to argue.

He is the one who never wants to see my tears,

And has always encouraged me to fight my fears.

He is the one who always showed his love and care.

And raised his hands for only prayers.

Your love for all children is countless.

And your blessings for us are priceless.

Papa, I know we are very far.

But for me you will always be a STAR.

I am undoubtedly proud to have you as my dad.

And this makes me feel so relaxed and glad.

Dear Papa, you are the best dad ever.

And we love you so much forever.

So, on this Father’s Day I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my respected father for all his love, sacrifices, and struggles that he has done for us in life. On this special occasion, make your dad feel special and valued by doing little things to make him feel valued. Every father has a legacy. Make a small shadow box with all those precious things that are close to his heart. Your father has invested a couple of decades into your life. Take out some time and take your dad out for a special lunch or dinner and spend quality time with him. It doesn’t have to be extravagant unless you want it to be grand. A sweet phone call with a loving message and a bouquet of blooming flowers will be priceless. But if it’s going to be a special day, then you probably need to start making plans now. Make it a memorable Father’s Day this year … for all the right reasons.

So today, don’t forget to tell your dad how much you love him, and thanks for being there!

Best Regards

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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