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The Heart of a teacher

Being an educator for 20 years now, my journey of teaching transcended from India to America with many great accomplishments. Shakespeare has rightly said in his famous drama Julius Cesar- “Passion, I see is catching”. This passion for teaching English pushed me to master this occult art and impart the best education to all my students. I have always been extremely enthusiastic about teaching throughout my life and my passion offered the potential of elevating students’ interest in my subject. My aim was to ignite this spark of knowledge both in the heart and minds of my students. Also, I tried my best to make a positive difference in the life of every student thereby sustaining this passion for teaching. I endeavored to involve both my subject and students in the beautiful fabric of life so that they can feel the sense of connectedness. So, I strongly affirm that it is integral for any good teacher to be passionate about what they are teaching as there is a strong connection between passionate teaching and successful student achievement. As quoted, “A teacher takes a Hand, opens a Mind, and touches a Heart”. Let’s get started now- it’s never too late to make a difference in someone’s life.

Written By- Mrs. Gagan Dhir


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Gagan Dhir
Gagan Dhir
May 20, 2019

Thanks dear Jessica and I am proud that you are excelling every day being an educator yourself❤️


May 16, 2019

Well said👍🏼👌 I can totally relate with it#teachersrocks!!!☺️

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