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Thank You for Joining Radio Karishma Adda

Heartfelt thanks for becoming a member of RK Adda.

Our aim is to bring together like minded individuals and enabling and empowering them to grow, flourish and have fun at the same time.

As you would have already guessed - having fun is very important to us, otherwise we won't call ourselves Adda!

While fun is priority, RK Adda is built around three tentpoles - Entertainment, Skill Enhancement and Networking. We are serious about delivering value for you and your business ( if you have one). In order to do so - we leverage our online assets ( radio and social media platforms) and on ground resources. You can look forward to a mix of entertaining, engaging and enriching set of activities and events as part of this group.

Your suggestion and ideas to make RK Adda more exciting and vibrant are welcome. So feel free to email me at

The upcoming month activity/event schedule of RK Adda will be in your inbox by 20th of every month.

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