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Spring Break will begin any day now- Hang in their teachers!!!!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Hello my dear Families and teacher friends!

You all must be in awe where I had disappeared all these months- lost in the woods, gone on a long voyage, busy with family and job or something else.? Well, there are times when you need to take a break and deal with some important commitments in life. This is what eventuated with me for past few months- busy with family commitments and hectic work schedule. But then I consummated that something was missing in my life- my writing, my thoughts, my pen and the paper. It is almost Spring, and I have left cozy winters behind. But who does not want to take a break and enjoy this beautiful, enticing season- blooming flowers, excursions with family and friends, little chill in the morning and evenings, tranquilizing on beaches or hiking in the mountain? Nature not only relaxes the soul but brightens our spirits. So, here comes the time when we all need to admire nature and go rustic!! It is always a go-go-go during our working days, its time to slow down a bit and organize yourself mentally.

Not only students but teachers in specific canonize this spring break. It is that time of the year where we are almost 2/3 or ¾ of the way through the school year. And we educators have the responsibility to keep our students engaged and focused in our classrooms. It’s challenging of course when kids ask questions such as “How many days more until spring break?” or “Can we please take a break Ms. Dhir”. And at that time, I personally feel that yes, we all need that break to rejuvenate ourselves before the standardized texting begins.

So, here are some of the handy tips to keep our students engaged and focused in class and maintain my sanity through the Spring Break-

1. Be patient and calm.

2. Team talk and cooperation.

3. Make you lesson plans fun and engaging.

4. More of collaborating activities.

5. Hot beverages- to keep us going- lots of hot coffee with flavored creamers. The world is my LATTE!

6. Mental health boost- silly pranks or games with your students to keep them focused.

7. Drinking water, water and water- be hydrated and cool.

8. Music, music, and music -works the best in classrooms.

9. Break into little dance number with cute moves with your students.

Smile on a teacher’s face, the excitement, the thrill before the break certainly encapsulates everyone’s mind when they can step out of campus right after the bell rings at dismissal. And suddenly, every worry on your mind is finally dissipated for a long week. We all must try to patiently work to vicariously enjoy these small joys of the break.

This is how teachers feel just a day before Spring Break-

That’s it- all my teacher colleagues and friends- make the best use of Spring break and spend time with your beautiful family. Go to the beach as you have worked so hard and your brain needs a break. Recharge your batteries and come back strong! Leave your laptops behind and enjoy a week’s break to your fullest! Leave your thinking caps behind and explore life, explore yourself! Appreciate all the little things, the big picture and your life!

Good luck to all my amazing teacher friends and families!

Written by-

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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