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Quarantine Time- Cherish every moment!!!!

Getting dressed and just walking up and down the stairs at home
Ready to go out to do grocery and donate.

Hello friends and family! Hope this Quarantine time is treating you all well! You all must be in awe as to where I am flaunting these dresses, getting decked up with glasses on and high heels during this time of Quarantine and COVID-19 social distancing when all the people are going crazy sitting at home and getting bored all the time. Well, hang on hang on my dear readers. I am not going anywhere -it is just the way I gratify myself and keep myself out of any anxieties and fears during this Quarantine. Working from home in my favorite PJ’s, preparing interesting lessons for my dear students to teach from home, having ZOOM sessions and TEAMS meetings with my staff and students, spending time with my beautiful family, watching NETFLIX, evening walks with my family and my cute dog, exercising at home and last but not the least COOKING- kitchen seems to me like a free restaurant which is open 16-18 hours LOL!!! are some of the few things that are keeping me busy all day.

We all are missing our persevering schedules everyday and especially myself being a teacher it was very hard for me to digest the fact that after the Spring Break I would never see my dear students in my class room any more in this school year. It was not easy for me to step into my class after the break just to get my stuff and resources I needed to teach my students virtually. Tears rolled down my cheeks making me feel so nostalgic remembering the sweet faces of my students and all their tantrums in my class. After collecting all my stuff, walking out the door, I paused, and my steps moved towards the White board. Just grabbed a board marker and wrote a sweet note to all my 6th graders with tears in my eyes. With heavy heart, I took a picture and shared with all my dear parents and students.

But, that’s how life is treating all the people in the entire world during this unprecedented pandemic- CORONAVIRUS. And it is the liability and obligation of every soul to follow the norms of “STAYING AT HOME” and “SOCIAL DISTANCING” to unanimously fight against this pandemic. Nothing to fear my friends. This will soon end and there will be a day soon when you will talk about this time while enjoying drinks with your families and friends during weekend parties.

Binge watching Netflix and scrolling through Social Media is not the only thing to do. Here are few simple things that you can do at your home to get through this tough time with your sanity intact-

1. WASH YOUR HANDS N NUMBER OF TIMES AND SANITIZE- which I am so much done now. LOL!!!

2. Maintain social distancing and cherish every moment with your family.

3. WORK FROM HOME- Have a separate tidy, professional looking work place to have a dedicated space to concentrate, work efficiently, and be creative without too many distractions from home.

4. While going out to do your grocery shopping do not forget to wear a mask and pair of gloves.

5. Pop up some popcorn, have some cold coffee and set up your room to watch all-time favorite movies and shows that you have been avoiding till now by saying “I have no time”.

6. Bake goodies late night-that is what both my kiddos are doing lately.

7. Grill in your backyard and make delicious and scrumptious delicacies for your family.

8. Learn new skills-Knit or crochet.

9. Spend time in your beautiful garden and enjoy your passion for gardening- what my hubby is enjoying the most.

10. Try out some at-home aerobics and yoga exercises- that is a part of my routine and I am loving every inch of it.

11. Meditate sometime to relieve your stress and improve your well being.

12. For all my women folk and sweet girls- try out all your beautiful make up and give a new look to yourself.

13. Do online shopping -Pamper yourself and order your favorite clothes and cosmetics- like I ordered my favorite skin care products from it Cosmetics and Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Smash box, and many more secretly. Keep yourself fresh and alive!

14.Have an indoor picnic with your family.

15. Face time with your dear Family and friends and have virtual celebrations using apps such as Face Time, Skype, Wats Up, Facebook Messenger etc.

16. Have a good session with your family playing intriguing and riveting

games such as Bingo, Monopoly, cards after dinner.

17. Listen to your favorite music as music relaxes your soul.

18. Rearrange and organize your closet and drawers that really needed to be fixed.

19. Read good books!

20. Sleep- Get lots of it as this time will not come back. So, make the best use of it.

21. Last but not the least, make some donations for our front line workers who are slogging their lives just to save many. It does not take much- do online donations or drop them food or groceries. Something I did last week just to express my gratitude to the doctors and nurses saving people’s lives at Mayo clinic. And all thanks to my friend Ashley Johnson and her organization “Little Dreams Come true” that does not leave any chance to help people during this unprecedented time.

So, with all that said, if you are too overwhelmed, anxious, feeling sad or depressed, just grab a pen quick and journal your feelings and emotions. Reflect on all the positive things that you have done so far. Pen down your accomplishments and your future goals. God has given us more than what we all can ever expect. So, make the best of his blessings and stay home as you are not helping your own self but countless number of people around you. This might be difficult and stressful but preventing the spread of this pandemic is the need of an hour. We all must go hand in hand and leave no chance to bring an end to the spread of this pandemic so that we can hopefully go back to our normal ways of lives. Its still not too late guys- let us just fight it and cherish the victory!

Written by-

Mrs. Gagan Dhir



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