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Must see in Edinburgh

Must see in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, a city that has 900-year long history, culture and art attracts millions of tourists every year. So, if you are planning to become one of those millions, check our guide to help you plan a memorable trip.

1. Edinburgh castle – The most iconic historic fortress that forms the skyline of the city is witness to the innumerable tales. There is majestic display of weapons and armor and exquisite jewels apart from other exhibits.

There are guided tours included in the ticket that begin every 30 minutes in summer while every hour in winter.

2. Camera Obscura Edinburgh – A fascinating must visit place for kids and elders equally. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is a not so fancy 5-storey tall building since 1853 treating the visitors with treasure of innumerable illusions and tricks. Don’t forget to see the city through the eyes of the spy cameras. 😉

3. Walk the Royal mile – It won’t be wrong to call the Royal mile as the lifeline of the city with Edinburgh Castle on one end and the Holyrood house Palace on the other. Gaze the architecture or enjoy the street performances.

4. National parliament tour – Head over to the Scottish parliament for a free tour. Not only the history but the architecture of the building will impress you. This is the best way to learn how the government of country makes important decisions.

5. Harry potter tour – Edinburgh can be termed as the mecca for all Harry potter fans with imaginations running wild through the lanes of Hogwarts. From the Elephant Café, a self-proclaimed birth house of Harry Potter novel, to George Heriot school that draws inspiration for the Hogwarts school of wizardry to the Daigon Alley. There are even many tours available.

6. Arthur’s seat – is an extinct volcano with some breathtaking views of the city. It is about an hour- 2 hr hike depending upon the route and the fitness level, but it’s worth all the efforts.

7. Holyrood house Palace – The official residence of the Queen when in Scotland stand at the end of the Royal Mile is open to visitors year-round except when the Queen is residing.

8. Watch a street performance – The city is so rich in art and culture that you might get to see a traditionally dressed artist playing a bagpiper or some unique talent.

9. Scottish Whiskey Experience – Scotland is home of the whiskey and Scotch whiskey is made here. Head over to Scotch Whiskey Experience on Royal Mile or other distilleries for a tour of the process along with tasting some of the best whiskeys.

10. The Royal Yacht Britannia – The former floating residence of the Queen is now open for visitors to explore. This luxurious yacht is a great way to peep into the royal life. So, head over and feel like a king or a queen.

Do visit Edinburgh and you will know why it takes a special place in your heart. Even after visiting so many countries, me and my husband have a special place for this historical city.

Ready to plan? Read our detailed blog Things not to miss in Edinburgh at Travelmelodies to help you.

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