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MOTHER- Symbol of love and Sacrifice

Erich Fromm righty quoted “Mother’s Love is Bliss, is Peace.” On Mother’s Day that falls on the second Sunday of May, I would like to attribute my self -composed poem recognizing all Mothers, motherhood, and the efforts of maternal bonds in our society. The love of Mother is indispensable and sobering. Her unconditional love fosters self- confidence and develops the mind and soul of every child. Mothers are special and deserve the utmost respect in society.

Throughout our lives we

Cherish our Mother’s care,

Waking us up in the morning

And following the ritual of prayer.

Mothers are the only ones,

Who held our hand tight.

And always teaches us,

What is wrong and what is right.

They give us a blessed life,

And nurture us with unconditional love.

She is full of strength and wisdom,

And symbol of Dove.

Mothers are always so special,

And we need their warm embrace.

They are the ones who teaches every child.

To be strong and live with grace.

Mothers are God’s creation,

Whose heart is made of Gold.

We all should value her feelings,

And always try to become BOLD!!!

So, my dear Friends every day should be Mother’s Day, and we should let our Mothers feel special every day by doing small gestures for her, letting her know how deeply she is cared for, and appreciated for all her love and sacrifices she has done in her life. Love your Mother- our best critic, yet our strongest supporter.


Best Regards to all Moms

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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SimpleSethi Arora
SimpleSethi Arora
06. Mai 2021

Beautifully penned. Words always fall short when we attempt to express what our parents have done and mean to us. May God infinitely bless our parents and always keep them safe and healthy.

Gefällt mir
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