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MOTHER- A Reflection of God’s Love

Mom, Mommy, Mummy, Mum, Ma are the disparate ways you may refer to your “MOM”. The word “Mother” has a very symbolic connotation for each one of us and has a special essence for people from diversified cultures around the world. Mothers are undeniably the epitome of beauty, love, care, sacrifice, and forgiveness. They are the emotional backbones of our families and merit to be regarded every day.

The month of May is acknowledged for celebrating “Mother’s Day” and here is my self-composed poem expressing my gratitude to all mothers around the world.

There is nothing compared to mom’s love,

Which is so pure and full of care.

It is God’s blessings from above.

Which is so true and hard to share.

A mother is a symbol of sacrifice and pain,

Something that is pious and hard to explain.

She is always known for her tough grind and devotion,

And is the Almighty’s true creation.

Mother is the one who disseminate in us all good deeds,

She is the only one who stands by you in all your needs.

Honor your mom with your words of praise,

And try your best to pursue her ways.

I love my mom who always supported through years and years,

I always miss her every passing day and cannot stop my tears.

Thank you, mom, for standing by me in all my thick and thin,

Thank you, Ma, for teaching me to always be strong and win.

This Mother’s Day is the right time to let your mom know,

And acknowledge her for everything that she did to help you grow.

Shower some affection and spectacle her some respect,

Let her know that in every life she will be the MOM whom you will select.

So, do perceive all the sacrifices of your mother and open your heart expressing your love for her on this special day. Mothers are forgiving and will always be there during your thick and thin. Someone has rightly said "Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." So, make this day special for your mom. Breakfast in bed is the classic way and the most appreciated way to start the celebration. Take your mom for a date and have a candle night dinner. Buy special gifts for your mom and express your true feelings of gratitude and love for her. Now is the time to go overboard and make her feel special and the most valuable person in your life.

Best Regards

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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