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Let's Celebrate Fathers Day- WHO IS A DAD??

Someone has rightly said, If Mothers are a symbol of “kindness and humbleness”, Fathers are a symbol of “inspiration and self-restraint”. To honor all fathers and fatherhood in our society, Fathers’ Day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday in June. People usually remember all the sacrifices made by Mothers in their life, but have they ever realized the sacrifices and contributions made by Fathers in their lifetime? This year Fathers’ Day falls on Sunday, June 20th and I would like to attribute my sincere gratitude to my own Dad and all amazing and rocking Fathers in the World.

A dad is none but

Every girls’ first hero,

Who always teaches us in life,

Never to fall or become a zero.

A Dad is the one

who works hard day and night,

He is the symbol of strength,

who teaches us what is wrong and right.

A Dad is the one

Who holds our hand in times of stress.

He is the only one,

Who raises his hand always to bless.

A Dad is the one who

Listens to our problems patiently.

And is always guiding us

To face this World graciously.

Thank you, my dearest DAD, for always standing beside me,

And making me cheer.

Dads like you are hard to find,

And extremely RARE.

So, my dear Family and friends, it has been rightly quoted by someone that “A Dad is someone you never outgrow your need for”. Do everything special for your dad and do not forget to express your gratitude to his selfless love, his tireless hard work, his support, and his reliability on the occasion of Fathers’ Day. Fathers are the backbones of our family and we must cherish their contribution in our society.

Best Regards to all Dads

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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