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Journey of a teacher from Vacation mode to back to School!

How many of you are teachers and long for the much awaited exhilarating and reinvigorating summer break? Did you savor every bit of your summer vacation- relaxing on the couch in your pajamas for all day, watching Netflix, traveling with your beautiful families, going out to the gym to do some workout, having great food and spending quality time with your friends? Are you guys ready to roll back after long vacation? Well, going back to school after rejuvenating break is crazy, especially when your anticipated vacation didn’t really feel like one! Getting back into normal routine can be tough for anyone and is a whole different ballgame.

Being a teacher myself, I had great plans for my vacation and thoroughly enjoyed my personal family time. My summer break was a time for refreshment and renewal, but my mind had become a little rusty when I inevitably had to return to school. Going back to school started in the last week of July itself. I was all geared up and ruffled to change the theme of my classroom this new session to “PURPLE AND TEAL”. I made endless visits to various stores such as Michael's and Target filling up my shopping cart collecting all the necessary supplies and other decorations for my room.

Here are few glimpses of my new set up of my classroom.

I personally feel that giving a fresh look to your class every year undeniably energizes both the teacher and the students. No matter where a teacher is in her career or how many years of experience he or she has earned, we all need some cool tips to have a smooth transition back to school after a tranquilizing summer. Just to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed at the beginning of the new session, its mandatory to craft your plan with some of these amazing tips.

Tips for a successful back to school and an awesome school year-

· Be prepared for what you need for your classroom- stay organized.

· Plan ahead.

· Be calm and patient with your team.

· Discuss everything needed with your admin.

· Work on your time management skills.

· Be ready for any new ideas and constructive criticism- don’t be afraid to ask for help.

· Have a well- planned Meet the Teacher Night.

· Develop strong bond with parents and community members.

· Collaborate and build positive relationships.

· Prepare well for the unexpected.

· Welcome all your students with a smile on the first day of the school.

· Set the tone.

· Establish rules and procedures for your class.

· Reinforce positive behavior.

· Adopt a growth mindset and model kind behaviors.

· Be a role model to your students.

· Understand the emotional needs of all your students.

· Establish a clean slate.

· Commit to work hard for the academic success of your students.

· Create student-focused environment.

· Revisit your to-do list and remind yourself that the vacation is over and its time to crack for the new session.

So, my dear fellow teachers always believe in your dreams and aspirations and have a staunch dedication for your profession. Just picture the faces of studious, high achieving student that lives and breathes to return to school. Don’t forget that you are responsible to shape the future of innumerable kids who are our future leaders. Make each school year the best and remind yourself at the end of each day, its all about helping students learn and grow.

Drink coffee and remember-You’ve got this!

Written By-
Ms. Gagan Dhir

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