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It’s time for Vacation or Staycation- Don’t Feel Guilty!!!!

Is pandemic extinct for everyone around us? Are we all stressed out and burnt-out by staying indoors, following strict covid rules and boundaries- maintaining 6 feet social distancing, following the ritual of hand washing, using hand sanitizers, and wearing masks all the time making us feel nauseated and suffocated? Yes, we all have reached that point of vexation level where we need to just get out our four walls of the homes and take a nice, refreshing VACATION or STAYCATION and enjoy the state of normalcy. We all need a vacation to rejuvenate ourselves to go back to our everyday accustomed routine. Vacations play a paramount and dominant role in our life as it diminishes the stress and boredom that we have been going through over a year. Couple of research has manifested the fact that vacation can boost the energy and escalate the productivity at work after resuming back to work. Even though family is together at home, sitting in front of screens all the time, they are technically not enjoying the real family time. Vacation out with family promotes family bonding. It succors kids to expand their horizon and experience different cultures and communities. This exuberance and curiosity of kids is contagious, and adults too enjoy it. They start acting up as kids to make their vacation invigorating and momentous to the fullest. A exhilarating vacation results in creating life-long memories for all of us and we should never leave a chance to cherish those memories.

Betty Williams has rightly quoted “When all else fails. Take a Vacation”. So, here are few recommendations for enjoying both Vacation or Staycation in your own style-

1. Get yourself Vaccinated- As a responsible citizen do not hesitate to get yourself fully vaccinated and be strong. Travel fearlessly with an aim to enjoy the serene beauty of the place you are planning to visit.

2. Take a Virtual tour of the destination you are planning to visit- Recharge your mind by disrupting the monotony of the pandemic and plan your trip well in advance.

3. Travel Safely- Follow the globally approved CDC guidelines and be conscientious about wearing your mask if you do not feel comfortable without it and maintain safe social distancing.

4. Plan safely and push yourself- Break out of your comfort zone and make unique experiences with family and friends.

5. Get active and boost your mind- Come out of your sedentary lifestyle and explore new areas and its scenic beauty. Be adventurous and get away from your monotonous sleep pattern. Travel to boost your overall mood and recharge yourself.

Last but not the least, if you are still hesitant to travel and not ready to succumb to your fears, just try to pamper yourself with something easy and enjoy your STAYCATION at home by following these simple things to do- sleeping and getting up late, relaxing home spa with bath tub full of Epsom salt and favorite fragrant oils with some scented candles lighted around, catching up on your favorite TV shows and Netflix movies with a succulent cup of coffee and having small outdoor get together with your family and friends. . Also, relish some of your favorite outdoor activities- hiking to trails, biking with your besties, gardening, baking, and cooking scrumptious delicacies and going to scenic picturesque drives.

So, are you still thinking of skipping your vacation and are in a state of dilemma? Well, I am not, and I am all set to have my vacation to meet my dear friends and make lifelong memories with my family. Please do not resist your emotions and wipe out all your fears of COVID. Gear up your spirits and just plan your vacation. Hey Disney, here we come- what are your plans, do share your beautiful stories. Just do it GUYS and have fun!!!!

Bon Voyage!!!!!

Mrs. Gagan Dhir


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