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Howdy Modi !!!

22nd September 2019 saw history in making !

Ever since Narendra Modi took oath as Prime minister of India in May 2014 , NRIs World wide started celebrating in their respective countries , all started with first celebration in New York at Madison square garden in September of 2014 when 19000 people traveled to New York to listen to PM Modi .

I was fortunate enough to attend that event and witnessed excitement then , thought I will never see anything like that again but how wrong i was because just after 5 years I saw Howdy Modi Happening.

And that broke records of all times for me and for all ! WE SAW HISTORY IN MAKING !!

all I have to do here is to put stats ;

50000 people attending in NRG stadium in Houston Texas USA,

1400 plus volunteers worked along with several community based organizations to make this event happen ,

AND then President of USA announced just a week before the event about to take place that he will be attending the event !!

the build up to the event became most exciting ,

Then Mr Trump actually not only joining but staying till the end of Mr. Modi's speech !!

it was not over yet after that Mr. Modi requested Mr. president to take a round of entire stadium hand in hand ! and that happened too !!!

Public was in awe and world was in awe watching on television history in making .

Pictures can say it all !! the warmth , camaraderie and mutual respect between both the leaders was so infectious that it just left lasting impression on every Indian's mind !

Event was well organized , well presented .

right from registration , issuing personal tickets to smooth security checking to starting event on time to fabulous cultural program and of course Both the speeches were brilliant .

people came to listen to Modi and were impatient but showed great respect to President Trump and gave him much deserved applause for his generous and gracious speech .

Modi was at his charming best , put a stamp once and for all that he is THE master of oratory like one one else ! somehow those lines from old Hindi films promotion ..." isme drama hai ...emotion hai ....action hai ....thrill hai....super duper hit !!!

Modi's speech was not merely punch lines but very heavy on content ,he killed many birds with one arrow !! got his move of abolishing 370 acknowledged and got standing ovation ! declared openly that time has come to have a decisive war on terror and got a thunderous cheer !! once and for all changed the norms of diplomacy .

Modi has surpassed all the leaders in terms of popularity , in terms of achievements and actually set the New and High Benchmark for all the leaders in the world !!

America asked Howdy Modi .....he said everything is Fine !!!!!

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