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BULLYING NO WAY!!! Let's take a stand together

Have you ever perceived something indifferent and unusual in your child? Has your child stopped interacting much with you and feel nervous all the time? Trust me, I have been a witness to so many children every new school year who are being bullied in one way or the other. In my opinion, the world has become an unfair and insecure place because of bullying that needs to be taken seriously as a family. Researches have proved the fact that twenty- five to thirty percent of children ages from twelve to eighteen have experienced some sort of the bullying. Kids in today’s world face bullying in different ways such as physical bullying, cyber bullying, harassment, rumor spreading, name- calling, threats, cruel and insensitive taunts. Parents are aware their child is being bullied only half the time. As a result, such kids across the world appear to be upset and depressed all the time. People tend to forget that bullying can lead to the level of trauma. I totally understand that it’s a long process and these issues take time to resolve. But we as mature adults need to take a step forward to protect our children from being affected by bullying and to work through the situation with them.

The aftermath of negative effects of a victimization from a bully are heart rendering. Watch closely for any of these signs in your child who is experiencing bullying. Here are some of the indicators that will help you understand what your child is going through in his personal life-

  • Lack of interest to go to school or college.

  • Failing grades in school or college.

  • Avoid going to the restroom all alone.

  • Avoid unsupervised areas and activities on campus.

  • Social with drawl

  • Emotionally reticent

  • Loss of appetite

  • Physical injury and propensity to self- harm.

  • Feeling of insecurity, fear and embarrassment.

  • Negative thoughts and actions.

  • Symptoms like headaches and stomach aches.

So, the bottom line is that we need to understand that bullying has become an ongoing enormous problem and we all need to do our part to stop it. Just remember Dillon’s suggestion “Little things make a big difference” and focus on the key concepts that can be fruitful to save your child for getting bullied.

Here are some of the steps you can take to prevent your child being bullied-

1. Pay attention to what your child has to say- Many times we as parents and adults try to avoid any conversation with our kids on regular basis due to our super busy schedules. But, we as their care takers need to be patient and an attentive listener to listen to their concerns and issues.

2. Connect yourself with your child- It is very important to be empathetic and try to understand what our child is feeling and experiencing. Always develop a mutual connection with your child and build a relationship of trust and care. Ask your kids simple questions such as-

How are things going on in school?”

“Who all are your good friends?”

“Why are you so sad today?”

3. Trust your child- Bullying can both be physical and verbal. Try to trust what your child is trying to tell and find a solution to deal with the problem.

4. Coach your child on how to cope up with bullying- Make your child strong enough both physically and mentally to deal with any bullying situations. Tell them to look into the eyes of the bully, stay tall and calm and lastly walk away confidently as many experts have agreed that the first line of defense against a bully is avoidance.

5. Confront a teacher or administrator for any kind of help- Don’t hesitate to confront any kind of bullying that your child has been going through in the daily life with your child’s teacher or the school administrator as it is the sole responsibility of the school or any educational institution to handle any kind of bullying. It is legally their responsibility to assure a safe environment for your child. Also, a counselor of the school can be a valuable resource.

6. Be a support to your child- Always help your child so that he fearlessly shares everything without any fear and speaks out his or her heart. You are your child’s ally in overcoming bullying and need to encourage them.

7. Trust your family and friends- Good friends and supportive family can definitely be a big- time support. Don’t hesitate to share your personal problems which your child is experiencing with them as someone has rightly said” Two minds are more powerful than one”.

8. Find something your child enjoys - It is important to keep your child engrossed in all the activities that he enjoys the most. Enforce positive enforcement to build their confidence and strength. Enroll children in different groups which imparts social skills and train them to handle any kind of bullying situations.

So, as an educator this is my earnest request to all my dear readers and parents of all wonderful and amazing kids to teach your child the golden rule against bullying and help them in all possible ways to “STAMP OUT BULLYING”.

Don’t let bullying take your child down. If you ever witness someone getting bullied, stand up for them. Bullying is such a serious issue that cannot be brushed away. You never know what a few words can do….

Written by-

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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