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A New Beginning- For a blessed New Year,2023

As soon as the clock strikes twelve at night, December 31st signals the end of one more year and the start of something new and fresh. New Year is a fortunate time to celebrate new beginnings with joy, peace, success, and prosperity. It is now a time to commemorate and solemnize with our near and dear ones having a clean slate. It is a beatified time to toast the fact that we have propitiously lived to the end of another year. Now is the time to welcome new changes and challenges we have overcome in the past. It is a time to reflect what went right and what went wrong in the past.

Here is my self-composed poem “A New Beginning”-

The New Year is finally here.

Let’s all brush away our fears.

Another year has passed away.

Let’s guide the people who have lost their way.

For me the past year was inordinately tough.

I t was full of endless emotions and was so rough.

May this year we all are fair.

And just move forward to help everyone with care.

May you find peace in all you do.

May all your dreams come true.

May every dawn bring new light.

May every dusk you celebrate with delight.

May this new year you rejoice with best of things.

Cherish all the blessings that this new year brings.

My hope for you is honest and sincere.

So, I wish you all a happy, bright and a prosperous new year.

Best Regards

Ms. Gagan Dhir


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