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Science Vs Religion

Science vs religion: The more history I read, the more I'm convinced that in certain cultures science vs religion was a deliberate choice. However, if you look at the ancient Indians (or I should say Hindus) there was no mutual exclusion. In fact, religion and science co-existed. Now, as a food for thought, try considering for a moment that they both may be saying the same thing just using a different vocabulary. Religion: God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Science: Atom is everywhere. Every single atom in the universe is connected to each other and even something as infinitesimal as an atom is self aware. In other words, mind is already inherent in every electron, and the processes of consciousness differ only in degree but not in kind from the processes of choice between quantum states which we call "chance" when they are made by electrons. What does Krishna say in Gita? "I'm in everything". Why did Julius Robert Oppenheimer, father of Atom Bomb, choose to quote Bhagwat Gita as in "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"? Moral of the story: I have friends who are from different religious backgrounds as well as atheists. We all are open minded, scientific, learning and evolving human beings but we also have our own egos and biases and we are constantly working to get better. I think both science and religion have their goodness. I’m grateful to live in that time of history where we can accept this fact.

Written by Mr. Chander Dhall

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