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10 Best Things to do in OUTER BANKS , NC

Things to do in Outer Banks .

Outer Banks, the 200-mile-long barrier islands in the state of North Carolina, USA is a sought-after beach destination. With pristine beaches, ample adventure activities, charming little towns and witnessing one of the important historical places makes it unmissable.

Spend leisure time at the beaches

The 200-mile long seashore has numerous beaches for sun basking, the most common being Northern shores of Duck and Corolla or the Southern shores of Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hill.

Thrill to drive on the beach

There are many beaches in Outer Banks where you can drive your AWD vehicle, some require a permit though. You don’t need a permit to drive your 4*4 at the beach in Corolla. Isn’t that cool?? Though permit is needed to drive on Nags Head, Hatteras and Ocracoke island beaches.

Chase the wild horses

Famous for sighting the mighty Spanish Mustangs breed of horses. You might get lucky to spot them at beaches mostly around Corolla, else many jeep tours are available to help you spot the beauties.

Majestic lighthouses

There are 5 lighthouses in Outer Banks – Currituck beach lighthouse, Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse, Bodie (pronounced body) Island lighthouse, Cape Hatteras lighthouse, and Ocracoke Island lighthouse. When open, you could climb atop for scenic views or watch these timeless wonders. Cape Hatteras is America’s tallest lighthouse.

Wright Brothers National Memorial

It is rightly said ” If you can dream it, you can do it ” ~ Walt Disney.

This is the historic place where the Wright brothers –Wilbur and Orville achieved their dream. They dreamt of flying and made it true at the famous Kitty Hawk that transformed the travel industry. Visit the memorial and walk the flight strip where history was written.

Fly a Kite at Jockey’s Ridge State Park

The state park has the largest natural sand dunes on America’s east coast. And you can’t miss to flying a kite and watching the spectacular sunset across the horizon painting the sky with magical hues.

Drive the scenic byway

To enjoy the beauty and nature of this picturesque place, it is imperative to drive a partial or complete stretch of this 138-mile scenic route.

Take your car on a ferry to visit the charming Ocracoke island

You will fall in love with this small island village for its simplicity and no rush attitude. Ocracoke Island is connected by the mainland in Cape Hatteras only by the free ferry run by North Carolina Department of Transport. Hop on this ferry along with your car or otherwise to a wonderous experience.

Experience the magical sunrise and sunset

How can you miss the sun painting the canvas of sky?? Those moments remain as treasures in your memories forever.

Savor the locally harvested food

If you are a food lover, then indulge in the fresh seafood and beer at some great eateries.

Have you been to Outer Banks (OBX)?? Want to know more, read our detailed post at Travelmelodies .

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