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Bollywood storms Dallas

Not only are more and more theatres showing Hindi movies, but Dallas is home to two radio stations devoted mainly to Bollywood fare.

No, I�m not taking about the movie �Slumdog Millionaire� being nominated the Best Motion Picture (Drama) at the Golden Globe awards this year or the increasing number of Indian movies shown in Dallas theatres.

The broadcasts of both the stations consist mainly of Bollywood movie songs. Both the Dallas radio stations have neatly pigeon-holed their audience. On the drive to work in the morning, you hear new songs; goldies � or oldies, as they also called � fill the air from late morning till lunch for the stay-at-home population; a medley of the old and new take over in the afternoon; and preppy, fast tunes keep you company on the drive home.

The staple of the RJ interaction with the audience consists of weighty topics such as: name the movie from which the number we are now playing is taken? Who sang it? What was the year? What was the heroine�s outfit as she warbled a lovelorn song?

Audiences are aware of the reality that the voices behind the lip-synced duets of the hero and heroine are those of seasoned professionals � charmingly called �background singers�.

In short, everything revolves around the lives, the gossip, the past and the present of the stars and tid bits from formulaic Bollywood plots.

I thought radio stations were supposed to broadcast a variety of programs: lively interviews, book discussions, political debates, sports commentary, plays, newscasts (FM 700 manages to squeeze in these), community calendars, and the like. But I guess the Bollywood takeover is so complete that it leaves little room for the mind to move out of the box.

Professional RJs

Since Bollywood has made sure that the desi population thinks, speaks, dreams the stuff churned out on its assembly line, the radio stations give what the public needs. Bollywood�s tentacles seem to be tightening rather than loosening.

Texas welcomes all comers and the Bollywood invasion is just another colourful feather in its cap, sorry, Stetson.


I know it is coming a little late... I just wanted to say that I really liked your program on Vasant Panchmi. When most people don't even remember the festival, you did the whole program on that. It was wonderful!! Markar Sankranti show was good too. Keep up the good programming....



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