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Sangita Dharia


Hello Karishmaji,

For last two days, while driving, I was lucky to get to listen to part of your wonderful Wednesday /Holi show and the Raag-Virag show.

I also heard you asking to provide feedback on different shows that you bring for the D/FW desi radio listeners.

All of your shows - Must Monday with a game/songs, Terrific making, Wonderful Wednesday, Raag-Virag on Thursday and Gungunati Ghazals-Geets on Friday - have unique colors and flavors of entertainment.

Being a music-lover, naturally I like Thursday and Friday segments. I also enjoy your game/jokes/movie making 101 shows as well.

Amit-My husband- and I can not listen to all shows fully, but definitely try to tune in on Friday and really enjoy it very much.

Keep up the good work!


Sangita Dharia
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