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Yours program fan

I have been listening to your program for last 2-3 years. Usually it's very good and very well organized. Specially I like about your program is you play the songs that I grew up with and most of the time I agree with your opinion about the Indian cinema world. Your wed and thurs. programs are the best when you bring the artist like Faruq Shekh and Smita Patil which are almost forgotten with new generation but I still miss them and that type of the family movies.

The best thing is your voice so clear, confidant and calm. Neither you are rude to people or artificial sweetness in that and usually don't talk in middle of the songs. It is become annoying when same person calls after every song gives opinion and we have listen to their personal story. But I think now skillfully you started controling that.

My favorite program was Thursday until I don't know who is Guruji you talk to but it's very hard to understand him and now I don't care about that program. May be you can understand him but so many times we heard is noise, echo of their radio. If you reach this far Thank You for reading.


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