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Horizon Travel DFW/ATL sounds Good!!!Congratulations!!! and Wishing you the best from our entire team of Horizon members. Horizon Travel DFW/ATL ...Read more
Prajkta Pradeep Mulay
Hello Karishma,  It was a pleasure meeting you after longtime at Diwali Meal 2010. I am already starting to enjoy your online radio. Wish you best of luck and good wishes. Where there is a will there is a have proved this to all.&...Read more
  Hi Karishma, karishma ne karishma kar dikhaya, aapko vinod ji aur aapke bachoo ko lakho lakho badhaiiya, ishwar kare aap din duni raat choguni tarakki kare. you are starting to creat a legacy which will inspire new generation ,im re...Read more
Nirupama Nene
  Hi there   Thank you for bringing us such wonderful shows everyday. The thing I most like about your show is your enthusiasm, love for Indian culture and your candid attitude. Your voice has nice friendly undertone. Jus...Read more
  Karishmaji, Namaskar! It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone today. I always enjoy your radio show. Everything about it is wonderful - the presentation, the different daily themes, your beautiful attitude and yes, most of ...Read more
Bhixun Patel
  Hello Karishmaji, My Name is Bhixun Patel. As It has beeen my long desire to listen to Dallas-Forworth Most Favourite Karishma's Show I was really fortune to listen to your today's program. As I had Citizenship Interview in ...Read more
Yours program fan
I have been listening to your program for last 2-3 years. Usually it's very good and very well organized. Specially I like about your program is you play the songs that I grew up with and most of the time I agree with your opinion about the In...Read more
Sangita Dharia
  Hello Karishmaji, For last two days, while driving, I was lucky to get to listen to part of your wonderful Wednesday /Holi show and the Raag-Virag show. I also heard you asking to provide feedback on different shows that you bri...Read more
Amit Dharia
Hello Karishma: I am Sangita's husband - Amit. LSS : So at least between 12 and 2 p.m. now I will switch to 700 AM from 90.1 KERA. I am reading Rumi and wonder if you or Azad can have a program on this great Sufi poet. Amit Dharia,...Read more
Bollywood storms Dallas Not only are more and more theatres showing Hindi movies, but Dallas is home to two radio stations devoted mainly to Bollywood fare. No, I�m not taking about the movie �Slumdog Millionaire� being nominated the...Read more
  Hi Karishma, I always travel and listen various radio stations in USA, Just for records your program on FunAsia radio is the best among all, I make sure that I listen it everyday Thanks ...Read more
Sunil Dalal
NAMASTE KARISHMAJI I listen to your radio show regularly and loving every moment of the show. In a word, I would like to describe it- "OUTSTANDING". Your preparation for your show to present the best of the best speaks for it self. I...Read more
Anand Amarnani
I was overjoyed to hear your program this afternoon about "Alankars". I first thought it was about musical "Alankars" but it turned out to be literary alankars which was even better. PS : "Dil cheez kya hai aap meri...Read more


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