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About Karishma

Khushboo Rawlley

image Khushboo is an IT professional, who enjoys dancing. For “Radio Karishma” she does a show “Kuch Khush Baatein” which airs 9 am every Saturday ( Repeat air casts : Sunday -10 am , Wednesday -9 pm and Friday evening 8 pm USA - Central Time ) . For this show she interviews people of Indian origin around the world who have given back to society in some way. She believes you do not have to be “rich or powerful” to make a change and any good change, howsoever little or big it may be, is powerful in itself and “Real Heroes” are the people who take an effort and make it happen. This show is an effort to bring forward real heroes hidden in the crowd of “common man”.

Khushboo Rawlley: I am extremely thankful to “Radio Karishma” for giving me a platform for my pursuit.

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