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About Karishma


image "The Young, New generation of South Asians in the USA needs a fresh outlook and Young and New representatives and leaders":

This is the inspiration behind Karishma's decision to present her own radio, with full energy and taking rabbit steps she is slowly but surely approaching the mission.

After working for different radio stations and maintaining her quality program, Karishma, decided to move to a new horizon with a motive of taking radio broadcast to new heights in north America, with a dream of giving South Asian community a great identity by representing them via this medium.

Her command over the language and passion for communication are indeed her strengths; exploring new ideas is her motivation; she is blessed with very independent thoughts and prefers to act at her terms.

Karishma came to USA in September 2002 and lived in New Jersey for 3 years. This is where she (who always have been an avid radio listener) started thinking that radio could be the medium through which she could express her creativity.

Karishma's radio career, in 2004, started with EBC radio, an Indian radio station in New Jersey. It was the ideal learning platform and gave her great exposure to the technical aspects of radio and voice modulation. She was with EBC for 6 months before moving to Dallas, TX.

She resumed her radio career in Dallas in 2006. Ever since, Karishma has managed to maintain the quality of her program providing listeners, a great connection to their roots , focusing on the culture, music, festivals and language of the Asian subcontinent.

Her programs deliver and offer well researched information with loads of entertainment for various age groups of south Asian ethnicity.

Karishma Himatsinghani; an ICWAI inter and Masters in Economics from Madhya Pradesh, India; is married with a Director of Sales for an Indian Outsourcing company. She is a mother of two boys.

Back home in India, Karishma was proactive to flare her creative thinking and communication and was not meant to do a monotonous job of an Accountant at a Construction company.

RJ Sanam

image Sanam - the name says it all. He is romantic, sensitive and seductive.
He not only touches but influences hearts through ears. Sanam believes in saying what he feels. He believes that life is all about perception.

He touches the most intimate and hidden feelings of people. Sanam is a Friend and a philosophic guide. Most importantly he is all yours, he is your Sanam. He does Aahista-Aahista for Radio Karishma.


Rekha has been associated with the Film Visual Effects business; concurrently International Business Consultant and Vfx Producer at Binc BKK (Bangkok) and Co-Owner, Director at Rhombus Films (Mumbai), Rekha's initial experience as Broadcast Graphics-3d Animator-Flint/Flame Artist and Producer aids a strong technical base.
Alongside, she passionately keeps herself attuned through her love for travel, radio, theatre, dance, music, yoga and fitness sports like riding, cycling, tennis etc...
and through the years, was an active team member with Ashley Lobo's Danceworx, Bharat Thakur's yoga classes in Mumbai; Fitness First's group exercise classes & Pilates at Studio 33 in Bangkok; and recently with Mumbai's Cosmic Fusion, for celebrity clients that need sessions during shooting schedules abroad.

She presents " Down Memory Lane " on Radio Karishma every Friday morning 9 am cst to 10 am cst.


image Naveen is a Flared Information Technology person working in the IT industry for a long long time.
Indian Music is in the roots for Naveen. He is a Dedicated Listener for Karishma's Radio Shows since he moved to Dallas in 2006.
With passion for Music, sound engineering and IT, Naveen is associated with Radio Karishma in all technical decisions, concepts and implementation.

Khushboo Rawlley

image Khushboo is an IT professional, who enjoys dancing. For “Radio Karishma” she does a show “Kuch Khush Baatein” which airs 9 am every Saturday ( Repeat air casts : Sunday -10 am , Wednesday -9 pm and Friday evening 8 pm USA - Central Time ) . For this show she interviews people of Indian origin around the world who have given back to society in some way. She believes you do not have to be “rich or powerful” to make a change and any good change, howsoever little or big it may be, is powerful in itself and “Real Heroes” are the people who take an effort and make it happen. This show is an effort to bring forward real heroes hidden in the crowd of “common man”.

Khushboo Rawlley: I am extremely thankful to “Radio Karishma” for giving me a platform for my pursuit.

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